What they don’t tell you about the schlepping.

I must really want to do the art because the schlepping is not easy.

During my performing years there was the schlepping of dance attire for various dance classes, costumes for performances and my tape recorder to rehearsals.  My backpack was heavy and I think altered my shoulders a bit. At some point the schlepping got a little easier when I got a bike with really cool baskets that folded when I didn’t need them.

When I started painting I began working on canvas thanks to a big art sale at the local art store. I’ve always dreamed of painting on canvas as big as a house, so, I bought the biggest canvas I could afford. It became my painting “Happy Birthday Mother Earth”.

When it was finished I realized it needed a frame to extend the image further.   So, I schlepped the painting to the art store where my friend Clark helped me find a frame on sale.   I wasn’t going to worry if I could carry it or not, it was all about what worked for the painting.  When the frame was complete, luckily, with my arms stretch wide, I could pick it up! It wasn’t heavy, but it was big.

The schlepping continued, – down the stairs to the car where it “just fit” (phew!), to the photographer’s studio, and to the art shows.

At a street art fair I had to figure out where to park, and, how-was-I-going-to-schelpp all the artwork, easels, signs, etc. to my table.  Yet, as all things we worry about, it worked out.  I found a parking spot near by, and, it didn’t rain.

I still hope to paint a painting as big as a house some day, for now I’m working on paper that I can roll up!


  1. Hello Brenda, its Jean-Anne, try to contact you through Thumbtack, but your request is not available anymore.
    Just want to let you know I do have some Artist Specials going on 😉 I know we have to get you to the point where you can afford the full price. Would you like to talk about it?


    1. Jean-Anne, – YES! I’d be very interested, – thank you very much for reaching out to me. Should we set up a time to talk? I’m available now until 12:30 PT – or tomorrow – Saturday, I’m available between 9:30-11:30AM PT, – OR 2:00-6:00 PM PT. My phone: 510-459-0492.


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