Improv Acting Class

Our imaginations have been rejuvenated!  Adrian and I recently participated in a full weekend at an Acting Improv Class (BATS Improv, Fort Mason, San Francisco)   There were 16 of us from a wide variety of backgrounds, yet, we felt as if we’d known each other forever.

Performing in front of people can be outright scary – even more so without a script.     But with Improv, you learn to simply let go – and Play.

Our teachers, Chris Sams ( and Rebecca Poretsky ( made the “teaching” look easy.

 A little side story…Adrian and I love to go to museums.  In the beginning of our relationship I knew he was the man of my heart when visiting SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), he came up to me asking, “Are you  visiting?”   With a lilt in my voice, I answered, “Oh yes I’m visiting from London.  My name is Alexandra”. Our own interpretation of “Improv” continued as we wandered throughout the museum.

Now here we were – 11 years later participating in an Improv Theater class.

What we learned;

  • Make your partner look good, in other words, you’re not alone.
  • Having been a performer, yet away from it for many years, this was a coming home, reminding me how joyous and challenging it is to share “serious play” with like-minded people.

Will I ever come back to performing?  Maybe in a different manner then I did those many year’s ago.  The concepts for a dance/theater piece is constantly brewing in my mind.   I notate them with full details in my journals because you never know if an opportunity may present itself.  As a disciplined creative juggler, I always want to be ready.   And, as I’ve said many times – even if nothing ever happens with my ideas that’s ok, I have so much fun just thinking about them!

For now, I’m happy with the fond memories of Playing with Adrian and my fellow classmates in Improv at BATS Theater.







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