Quotable Cards – The missing last line!

If you google my name, Brenda Finne, this is one of the images you’ll see.

It’s a card, or, I should say, the words I sold to “Quotable Cards” 10 years ago.  

Actually, this is what I was really trying to sell them…

Traffic Hugs

They left out…”So inbetween, I give you warm silent hugs”.   Through  the years – I’ve asked them to add the last line, but for whatever their reasons are, they never have. 

The first few years were quite amazing, I sold a lot of cards, or I should say they did the selling.  Each year the Quotable Card people would send my yearly statement, and I was always surprised they included a check!

The $ has decreased through the years, but – they’re still selling!  No idea how much longer this will continue, but always grateful for any recognition my creativity has shown value.

My fans! – 2 people, an elderly gentleman from the South (USA), and a young maiden from London, England sent me emails.

For the first 8 years my card has been out there in the public I always felt a little embarrassed knowing my name is on it and it had an important missing last line.

Yet, a few nice surprises have occurred from this simple card;

  • The first time I saw my card in public was at the Riley Art store in San Rafael, California. At the cash register on my right was the card stand and there staring right at me was my card!   Truly shocked and surprised – I pointed to the card, pointed to me and happily said, ”Brenda Finne”, – “that’s me!”    It felt as if I was standing out on the wings of the stage and watching this happen to someone else.
  • When my friend Christopher Stout first moved from San Francisco to NYC, he saw my card in a store, as if a million miles away a friend was there to say hello-how-are you-and-I-know-all-will-be-ok-with-you-in-this-new-city.
  • I’ve found it a few times since, at a small boutique store in Palo Alto, another time at the Blix art store in SF on Market street.

Card Art Store

  • The biggest surprise was during my 40th Cleveland Height’s High School reunion. I was staying with my friend Lori at her mom’s house.  (I hadn’t been back to Cleveland in almost 40 years!)  We went to get groceries and just as we walked in, I saw the cards, and there was mine. Amazing, I was truly amazed.  How poetic, do have this one card I’ve managed to sell,  here where it all started, the dreams of becoming a working artist.

So though it’s a poem with a missing last line, and life hasn’t yet worked out the way I envisioned, I never give up on hoping it will and I’ve learned to be grateful with any moment my aspirations have inspired.

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