If you could interview a painting, or…

Our Journals

The love of my life, my boyfriend Adrian and I, share a journal.  After 10 years together we’ve completed one book, and recently started another.    One way we keep each other challenged is by leaving a question in the journal for each other..

Adrian’s question to me;  If you could interview a piece of work, which one would it be?  And how would the conversation go?

My answer…

There are so many interviews they would fill books from here to the moon!

I found myself thinking not just of the artist who have inspired me through the years, but the items that are attached to the legends of who they have become, such as;

The dancing shoes of Fred Astair, Barnishikov and Twyla Tharpe

E.B.White’s typewriter where he wrote in his quiet cabin

Isadora Duncan’s scarves

Frida Kahlo’s, Georgia O’Keeffe, &  Salvador Dali’s paintbrushes

Charle Chaplin’s hat

Shel Silverstein & Dr. Seuss’s drawing pens

Red Skelton, Lucille Ball & Jonathan Winter’s funny bone

The list is endless…

What would your answer be?






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